Belle Ècorce Farms'
Bar U5 Miniature Horses
Belle Ècorce Farms is located in South Central Louisiana. In the small town of St. Martinville.  Bar U5 Miniature Horse Farm is a small miniature horse farm, a delightfully new addition to our Belle Ècorce Farms' enterprise.

Here on the farm we have a few, but select, mares with impressive pedigrees.  Our goal is  to produce miniature horses of the Arabian-type, of the highest quality, and only use top bloodlines. We keep our herd small in order to give the utmost attention to each and every horse.

Our goal is to breed exceptional miniature horses that will stand out in the show ring and be an asset in any breeding program. We want to produce mini's that people are proud to own and show. Another is to have horses with gentle personalities, but still have presence. We strive for that in our own herd and in the fillies and colts our mares produce.

Not everything you need to know can be learned from college textbooks, so please visit our  Bar U5 Miniature Horse web site to learn more about our horses and Bar U5 Miniature Horse Farm.

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Bar U5 Miniature Horses
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