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Belle Ecorce Farms'
  Sunday, 6/24/12,  
I just bought some of your fabulous goat cheese at the Farmer's Market downtown. Loved it! And love your philosophy of caring for animals on your farm. I got one of your postcards and intend to schedule a tour with some of my girlfriends as well as my niece and her children. Thanks for the care and love you provide to God's creatures and educating other to do the same. Marcia 
Marcia Daniel, Baton Rouge

Tuesday, June 1, 2011
Dear All,
  We wanted to tell you that my friends and I really enjoyed our visit to
the farm yesterday.  In many ways it reminded us of the small family farms
of our childhoods.  I plan to stop by often for cheese and eggs when I am in
St. Martinville.
  By the way, seeing the youngsters taking on the responsibility of
leading and accompanying visitors was my greatest pleasure.  These kids are
gaining valuable public speaking skills that will serve them well in the
future.  You are all some of the hardest working folks I've seen in a long
time.  (Did you catch the wayward bird that had escaped/flown the coop, as
it were?)
  We were able to have lunch at St. John's Cafe afterward.  It was quite
busy, and the staff was shorthanded, but the food was delicious.  It was
certainly worth the wait.
Julaine S. , New Iberia, LA

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
We read about the farm in The Daily Iberian. My wife and I went to the farm,,Bought delicious cheese..we're goin back n we're bringin da kids!

Saturday, April 9, 2011
We live in Missouri, just north of Kansas City. We have cousins that live near Bunkie LA and they sent us the newspaper article about your farm. We are currently mikling 6 does, nubian and la manche. I have tried to make cheese, but so far have failed. I think it is more art than science!! We have only had goats for about 3 yrs. . .started with one. . . YIKES!! I curently have 13 kids to re-home. We also have chickens, turkeys, ducks, peacocks and dexter cows, in addition to 2 scicilian donkeys. I think from the sounds of things its a GOOD thing we are not neighbors!!! If we buy a goat from you, do you think your cajun goats will be able to visit with our missouri goats?!?!? : ) We come down to visit every so often, were just there for Thanksgiving, so it may be fall before our next visit. We also homeschool. WHEN we do get down there, we'd like to come for a visit. I'm not sure which TOUR we should sign up for as we want to learn as much as we can about whatever we don't know!!! HA HA My 4 yr old daughter is getting to be quite a good milker. . in another year I can send her out with the pail to do it on her own!!! I do hope to attend one of your 3 day workshops, maybe in a few more years. I'd like to be able to have both my kids attend with me. My son is 7, so maybe when they are 7 & 10 ANYWAY, just wanted to touch base and say news about you traveled far north!! I look forward to meeting you, hopefully in 2011. We will have 4 adults and 2 kids. . feel free to put us to work!! My kids are GREAT helpers, my son is a better worker than most adults!!! We think what you are doing is AWESOME!
Janel W.,  Lawson Missouri

Tuesday, 4/27/10, 3:01 PM
I recently visited your farm with my UL-Lafayette class and it sure was a treat to see your process of goat cheese! Your cats and birds are beautiful, and the goats look very happy with their home. I look forward to going back with family...... Chelsi ,  Delcambre, LA

Sunday, 4/18/10, 4:11 AM
Love the cats. Would really love to make a visit to see the goats and the cheese making process. I am a goat cheese freak..........Julie B., Mandeville, LA