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Following articles are made available to you on this site. Articles are written in a easy to understand format. These make good reference material for before and after consultations.These make good reference material for before and after consultations, so it would be wise to print some of them out and maybe place them in binders that you can review whenever necessary. Click on the links below for full article:

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INTRODUCTION TO HAND-FEEDING ---Hand-feeding basics for the beginner



DAY-ONE  HAND-FEEDING ---Day-one Hand-feeding basics.

DEALING WITH CROP PROBLEMS: PART 1 ---Diagnosis & treatment.

CROP PROBLEMS, CANDIDA:  PART 2--- Identification and treatment.


UNDERSTANDING THE  WEANING PROCESS ---What to expect and how to cope

SPLAYED LEG ---Orthopedic condition that can be corrected if identified early
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The helpful Artficles above, which are made available to you on line, and the following articles are all Included in Wanda's  "A Common Sense Approach to Handfeeding". Go to our web store for our booklet "A Common Sense Approach to Handfeeding". More information on hand-feeding is available in the "Books & Video's" section of our web store.
KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL HAND-FEEDING---Identification, Diagnosis & Treatment

PROBIOTICS ---Probiotic therapy can help in the prevention of disease in aviary & nursery

HAND FEEDING TIPS AND HINTS---Useful Tips for hand-feeders

VINEGAR --- A natural disinfectant..

GSE ---Grapefruit Seed Extract its uses in the aviary and avian nursery

WHAT IS DE? ---Diatomaceous Earth, approved food additive, pesticide &  natural wormer

THOUGHTS ON WEANING & DIET ---What foods are appropriate for weaning.

HAND-FEEDING FINCHES ---How to hand-feed tiny finches.

STAGES OF AVIAN DEVELOPMENT ---Development from hatch to weaning

Sanitation? Antiseptic? Disinfection? Sterilization? ---Understanding cleaning and                       disinfection products.

BACTERIA IN THE NURSERY ---Learn about good and bad bacteria & disease                              prevention.

THE BUSINESS OF HAND FEEDING ---Hand feeding for out. What should I charge?

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